Ab>normal's Origins


We are AB>normal board corp established in 2018 allow us to introduce ourselves and give you a little info about us. 

Ab>normal which stands for alone boarder or alone believer was started  when my health was affected with some serious challenges with neck, spine,nerve and brain issues. It got to the point where i could barely walk or function at times, with my neck and shoulder problems i couldn't use crutches or a wheelchair to to get around. It was starting to look like it was the end of the road for me and for some reason i pulled out my old skateboard. I found that i could kinda stand on it and my back leg was just good enough to push myself along. 

For the last few years ab>normal is what i used to focus and motivate myself while also helping us find ways to better my health from connecting to others in the skate and snow community that have had similar challenges. Although we have stayed low-key over the past few years we've met some amazing people thru the skate and snow community and having an opportunity like Ab>normal to work with some of them we are truly grateful. Its been an Ab>normal journey but stoked to say my health has gotten much better and it looks like i'm here to stay.

Ab>normal is now stoked to be able to offer skateboards, snowboards, fingerboards and apparel made here in Canada. We work with other Canadian companies to make good quality products that we want to use not products just to sell. Greater than that our favourite part of Ab>normal is being able to work and support some amazing young riders, helping to grow and support the next generation of rippers in  Canada and beyond.